WetterWelt Shipping

„METEO PILOT as an Onboard Weather Routing- and Voyage Planning-Tool helps our captains to manage their voyage planning in an intuitive and effective way. The included daily weather data service provides accurate and reliable weather forecasts at a fair price.“


Worldwide Marine Meteorological Services

Shorebased Routing Service

Shore to ship and shore to office support

Modular options of different support packages provided by WetterWelt. Gain the advantage of being supported by our highly qualified staff. Our leading philosophies are: “Safety first, while saving money” and “individual support precedes business as usual” which means: our efforts of individual services merge into a cost-efficient and target-oriented cooperation.


Weather Routing and Voyage Planning Software

WetterWelt provides a simply operable and cost-effective weather routing software. METEO PILOT is designed for onboard weather routing on the one hand and as a fleet management tool for monitoring and tracking different voyages simultaneously on the other hand. Make your own route and cost optimizations based on worldwide available highly reliable weather forecast data. The provision of highly reliable weather forecast data is integrated.

Data Service

Tailored and user-defined meteorological data management and statistical analyses

Access to different internal and external meteorological data bases (observations, analyses, reanalyzes and forecast data) allows WetterWelt to provide tailored sets of historical data, forecast data and statistical analyses.

WetterWelt Shipping

Meteorological Services for the Shipping Industry

WetterWelt GmbH was founded in 1999 by Dr. Meeno Schrader. Since then we are active as a weather service and consulting company for different customers such as olympic sailing campaigns, shipping business clients and sales forecast companies. As a partner of MeteoGroup Germany and member of the DMG (Deutsche Meteorologische Gesellschaft), the services of WetterWelt GmbH rely on an excellent background and environment for being a highly accurate and offer a solid alternative on the market of weather routing service providers.
Our shipping division has been gradually developed since 2011. We have been established as a worldwide operating meteorological consulting company with different marine meteorological services and products since then. WetterWelt is one of the leading weather routing companies on the German market today.
We provide highly reliable weather forecasts and routing services, statistical data products, technological applications and software products combined with an extensive know-how in meteorology, oceanography, IT-System-technology and maritime business.

Dr. Meeno Schrader

Founder and CEO

Dennis Brüning

Dipl.- Meteorologist,
head of shipping department,
weather consultation, expertise, media weather, commercial shipping

Hannah Donst

M.Sc. Meteorologist,
weather consultation, expertise, media weather, commercial shipping

Alina Dux

weather consultation, expertiss,
trip consultation, commercial shipping

Stefanie Scharping

B.Sc. Meteorologist
media weather, commercial shipping
weather consultation


What if I have questions?

You can contact us via the contact form below or by mailing routing@wetterwelt.net or call us at +49 431 979908 24

When can I reach WetterWelt via phone?

WetterWelt operates 365 days a year. We are available in the office at 08-18 CE(S)T and 09-13 CE(S)T on weekends and public holidays.

Does WetterWelt oprate worldwide?

Yes, WetterWelt offers its services worldwide and we operate beyond our office times to provide you with our services with the shortest possible turnaround times.